If your manufacturing business has grown beyond the limitations of your current software – Central Nervous Systems feels your pain. When your operations aren't running efficiently as a result of incomplete, inaccurate or untimely information, you will ultimately have to choose between fixing the current system, or – integrating a new system. Either way, you're going to need to partner with a systems integrator who has the operations expertise to deliver on the promise of a successful software system implementation.

We are different because we believe that implementing a manufacturing system is not an “I.T.” project.

We like to tell people that implementing a manufacturing system like MISys – or any enterprise software system for that matter – is not an “I.T.” project. It really isn’t. Enterprise software implementations are business change projects, or more specifically in the case of MISys, it’s an operations project. So we would actually prefer it if people did not think of us as an I.T. company.

Software that manages the information related to your manufacturing operations – inventory management, purchasing, production scheduling, shop operations, material requirements planning, costing, traceability, reporting, manufacturing accounting – needs to be implemented by professionals who have a detailed understanding of those areas. We do, and that’s what makes us different.

The implementation specialists at Central Nervous Systems have a unique combination of knowledge and skills: in manufacturing, in I.T., and in project management. And while experience in all three of these areas is important, it is our understanding of manufacturing that endures us to our customers and sets us apart form our competitors.

“ When the boss tasked me with looking into an MRP system for our company it seemed like an insurmountable task. No one in the company had used MRP software before, including me, and there seemed to be no end of choices available. It soon became apparent to me that all of the software did, more or less, the same thing. There were trade-offs of course, some were better at some things, but were worse at others, or it did everything very well, but the cost was prohibitively high.

Two main things sold me on MISys as the MRP software for Adrenalin Marine. First, the reseller was local. I knew that we were going to need on site help to get us up and running. I did not want to have to fly off somewhere to get training, using examples that may or may not have applied to our business directly. Or to possibly be in a class with people from a completely different business, who faced completely different needs from the software. I wanted to deal with the issues that were facing our company, and learn how to use MISys to overcome those specific problems.

The second thing that sold me on MISys was meeting the local re-sellers for the first time. I’m talking about the great people from Central Nervous Systems. Paul and Sean came out to visit us and tour the shop to see firsthand what it was we did and where we needed help. Both of them struck me right away as being knowledgeable about the manufacturing industry through the questions they asked us as they got a feel for our business. To be quite honest, my first impression of them was, I liked them. These were people I wanted to deal with in the long term. I am pleased to say I was right in that first impression.

Today, four years after implementing MISys, I’m happy to say that I made the right choice in going with Central Nervous Systems. They have always been there for us when we needed them, whether it was coming into the office or helping us over the phone. The people with whom Paul and Sean are surrounded are of the same high caliber as themselves. They have done a masterful job in selecting the perfect people to complement their style and work ethic, and it shows every time I have any dealing with Central Nervous Systems. I am very glad we partnered with them in our implementation of MISys. ”

Frank Bath, Operations — Adrenalin Marine, Inc.

Central Nervous Systems is laser focused. We are dedicated to working with small to medium size manufacturers to implement and support the MISys Manufacturing software system.
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